A Special Note For Teachers and Parents

ATTENTION TEACHERS: Please email us at:  [email protected] to find out how to get access to the site for your students and their parents.

Welcome Parents! 

Information for Parents: The Singing Classroom is a site for music teachers run by me (Deborah Skydell Pasternack--I'm the one in all the videos) and my husband, Gregg Pasternack (he does all our customer service, marketing, and is the one behind the camera.) Gregg is currently working on providing access codes to our subscribers' students. Meanwhile, I am taking care of our 5-year old at home. However, after Gregg finishes, we will begin uploading suggestions for activities that work well at home as well as 30-minute classes you can do at home with your kids. Get out your pots, pans, and stuffies! We'll be using everything!

In the meantime, you can find lots of songs and games here for your kids to sing and play at home! Even though the site is designed for music teachers, you don’t need to be a musician to get your kids singing and playing right away. On each song page, you’ll find animations that demonstrate how to play the games, videos that teach the songs, and printable posters with song lyrics and pictures for younger children. Whether you found us through your child’s classroom teacher or on your own, we sincerely hope that these activities will help fill the long hours at home with fun, joy, and music. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about the songs and games you find on the site at [email protected]. To get started, use the "Grade" search function to find songs appropriate for your child’s age. Here is a guide for our international friends:

Ages 3 and 4=PreK

Age 5=Kindergarten

Age 6=First Grade

Age 7=Second Grade

Age 8=Third Grade

Age 9=Fourth Grade

Age 10=Fifth Grade

Age 11=Sixth Grade

We hope you enjoy the activities!


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